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Purchase of the Services

Purchase of the Service could be carried out from the Customer through the Site. The Customer will have to supply its data (name, last name, e-mail, etc) entirety the indication of the relative data to own credit card.

The Holder, after to have received confirmation of the presence of deep from the issuing bank of the credit card of the Customer, will send to the same Customer an e-mail of confirmation, within 48 hours, containing copy of the Purchase details.

In case of any detail correctly was not brought back, the Customer is held to immediately contact the Holder to the number indicated in the Website or through the e-mail of confirmation.


Modality of Payment

The payment of the acquired Services comes carried out from the Customer in proportion of 30% at the moment of the choice of the stay, through banking account or credit card. During the process of Purchase, he comes demanded to the Customer to supply the details of the credit card: in case there were problems with the payment, as an example a lacked authorization from the bank, the Purchase will come suspended and the Customer will not come debited some expense.

The amounts come only debited after that the Holder has sent the e-mail of relative confirmation to the prechosen Service of which to the paragraph that precedes.

In case of payment by bank account, the banking coordinates come envoys via e-mail towards which carrying out the credit to name of the Holder. Within 48 hours from the reception of the happened deposit, the Holder will send a confirmation e-mail. The balance of the acquired Services comes carried out from the Customer 2 weeks before the day of arrival to the structure of the Holder, pain the cancellation of the reservation.


Cancellation of the Services

In the event of Purchase of Services, the Customer takes action that the Holder will ask a sum as a penalty, to correspond in case of cancellation in the following terms:

  • the deposit poured at the moment of the confirmation, that is 30% on the total of the Services acquired, till 3 (three) months before the arrival date;
  • 50% on the total of the Services acquired till 2 (two) weeks before the arrival date;
  • 100% on the total of the Services acquired till 2 (two) days before the arrival date.


Special Offerts and Restrictions

The offered ones advertised on the Site are subject to availability, remaining that in the moment of the indication from the Customer number credit card, will come visualized on the Site only the offered ones available.

Eventual other restrictions are indicated in detail at the present offer on the Site.



The price of every single Service offered on the Site can be subject to variations in the time, to the aim to concur with the Holder to propose to the Customer the more competitive price and according to other factors.

The price is legacy to many factors, between which: 1) the date in which it comes carried out the Purchase; 2) the departure date; 3) the duration of the stay; 4) the lodging in hotel during the week-end; 5) etc

The Customer can verify the availability of the chosen Service on the Site and the price puts into effect them before carrying out the Purchase.